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We like to think of ourselves as a 21st Century company, but we are experienced  and old fashioned enough to know that the best way for us to grow our businesss is to contantly remind ourselves of the need to give our customers the best possible experience in all their dealings with us. knowing that a happy customer will become a loyal customer.                           

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Our good friend Andy Hiley won last seasons 750 Motor Club Kit Car 2010 Championship........

Well done Andy! 

Stanwood Performance Engine Division are proud to have assisted Andy, by preparing his engine to Formula Regulations [blue print] to achieve ultimate performance. 


Other  news 

Phil Retires ......

After a lifetime in the Motor Engineering Industry our friend and colleague Phil Berry has retired to live in his beloved North Yorkshire Cottage. We shall all miss him ....

Happy retirement Phil!

 Top 20
Interesting Facts
on Eco Motoring

Heres something for the anti-car lobby to suck on... check the facts for yourself.

According to Euro NCAP, an
Audi Q7 is less harmful in a
pedestrian impact than a
Ford Fiesta.

A Season of F1 burns less
fossil fuel than a single
transatlantic 747 flight

The Stern Report found
that cars make up less
than half of all transport
emissions in the UK

The average British home
emits 1500kg more CO2
per year than a Ford Focus.

Buy local. A car carrier
burns 1756 tonnes of heavy
fuel oil one way from Japan
to the UK.

Oxford Street is the UK’s
most polluted street. Most
of Oxford Street’s length is
closed to cars

Like trains, cars are most
efficient when they’re full.
A fully loaded Discovery
emits less CO2 per person
than a fully loaded Smart.

Acid rain created from
mining nickel for Prius
batteries has destroyed
the landscape in Sudbury
Ontario, to such an extent
that NASA now uses the
site to test drive it’s
latest lunar vehicles!

It’s at least 3 times
cheaper to drive a small
diesel from London to
Edinburgh than it is to
take the train.

The average saloon car is
responsible for its own
kerb weight in CO2 per
year. The average Brit
accounts for 30 times
his/her own bodyweight.

The U.K’s superminis add
three times as much CO2
than its SUVs.

While 85% of cars are
recyclable by law, trains
go unregulated, with much
of each going to a landfill.

A domestic flight emits
around 400g/kg of CO2
per passenger, 4 times
that of a small diesel with
only the driver on board.

Despite being smaller and
emitting less CO2 than a
Toyota Prius, the
Volkswagen Polo
Bluemotion is not exempt
from London’s
congestion charges

Farting cows are
responsible for 18% of all
greenhouse gasses, more
than cars, planes and all
other forms of transport
put together.

Anti-car evangelist Ken
Livingstone doesn’t even
have a driving licence. but
he does have a Toyota

A Land Rover Discovery
has a smaller carbon
footprint than a London

Carbon offsetting could do
more harm than good.
Forests north of the
Tropics retain heat and
actually contribute to
global warming.

A Boeing 747 emits 400
tonnes of Co2 in 24 hours.
It would take 250 cars a
year to achieve this.

Some electric cars aren’t
governed by today’s
safety legislature. In other
words, they can be more
dangerous to the public
than normal cars are
d to be.

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